Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical Infrastructure Security

New forms of threats are spreading all over the world. Difficult to detect, hard to handle and almost impossible to prevent. Global security is changing. Local as well.
The critical infrastructure facilities become one of the major targets of modern threats. The impact of potential security breakthrough leads to huge financial, social and environmental damages. Therefore securing the perimeter and the area of different parts of the critical infrastructure becomes main responsibility of the authorities. Airports and Seaports, Electrical grids, Gas and Oil, Water distribution, Railroads and Military structures are one of the major high-risk assets that need to be secured by the best of breath technologies – thermal cameras, sensor cables, radars, ground sensors, video-analytics, etc. Telelink delivers design services, implementation and integration of all the technologies to secure the high-risk areas.


Thermal Fence

  • Thermal Cameras for detection of objects (day, night, extreme weather)
  • Sophisticated video management system for video recording and playback
  • Video-analytics software for event management and configuration
  • Various analytical functions – tripwire. Motion detection, wrong direction, etc.
  • Integration of Day-night cameras (when thermal camera detects perimeter violation, day-night PTZ cameras focus on the area)
  • Integration with Microwave barriers and sensor cables for double/triple protection
  • Extremely low false alarm ratio

Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

  • PIR, passive infrared, MW
  • Seismic
  • Acoustic

Acoustic Cable Fence Protection

Microwave Barriers

Map and Video-wall Functions

Unified Security Command and Control Center