Early Warning Systems

Early Warning Systems

Today’s global weather changes bring more and more extremes every day. Rains, storms, heat and cold … all of them making surface of the earth and the natural infrastructures (rivers, lakes, forests) unprepared and incapable to handle those extremes. Our societies even more unprepared. The only way to save the natural resources and human lives is to predict and react proactively. And here comes the detection and notification of those disasters. Forest fires and flood are one of the most worldwide spread catastrophes leading to devastating damages and tragedies. Telelink implements and runs 24x7 early warning systems using cutting edge technologies and software in combination with the proper infrastructure and communications. Unified control centers survey and detect suspicious areas before the disaster actually develops. Integration with the communications and location services of the emergency teams enables fast and proper reaction of the authorities.


Forest Fire Detection

  • Thermal and day/night vision
  • Fire detection in any environment conditions
  • Extended detection range - 10-15km radius per site
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Wireless communications
  • GIS with precise fire positioning
  • Fire dept. GPS/radio integration
  • Unified Control Center

Illegal Three cutting and Hunting

  • Long range PIR detectors with integrated low-light camera
  • Bridge technology for GPRS/Microwave/Satellite communications
  • Control Center Software with alarm images database

Flood and Extreme Weather


Water Level Monitoring