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We provide:


Intelligent Transportation Systems – ITS

More than 50% of the global population lives in cities now. And the percentage is increasing. Transportation is one of the key aspect of our urban environment. People’s everyday activities require moving from one place to another in the complex environment of the modern cities. At the same time the number of cars and personal vehicles increases on an yearly basis making the existing infrastructure insufficient. Moving to the smart city model is the only way to optimize the activities of the active citizens and save time, money, and reduce pollution. Major pillar in the smart city concept is the transportation. Especially traffic optimization and public transport. Telelink addresses all those issues delivering full set of systems and an unified software platform, enabling conglomerates to migrate and evolve into smart cities.

Early Warning Systems

Today’s global weather changes bring more and more extremes every day. Rains, storms, heat and cold … all of them making surface of the earth and the natural infrastructures (rivers, lakes, forests) unprepared and incapable to handle those extremes. Our societies even more unprepared. The only way to save the natural resources and human lives is to predict and react proactively. And here comes the detection and notification of those disasters. Forest fires and flood are one of the most worldwide spread catastrophes leading to devastating damages and tragedies. Telelink implements and runs 24x7 early warning systems using cutting edge technologies and software in combination with the proper infrastructure and communications. Unified control centers survey and detect suspicious areas before the disaster actually develops. Integration with the communications and location services of the emergency teams enables fast and proper reaction of the authorities.

Critical Infrastructure Security and Monitoring

New forms of threats are spreading all over the world. Difficult to detect, hard to handle, and almost impossible to prevent. Global security is changing. Local as well.
The critical infrastructure facilities become one of the major targets of modern threats. The impact of potential security breakthrough leads to huge financial, social and environmental damages. Therefore securing the perimeter and the area of different parts of the critical infrastructure becomes main responsibility of the authorities. Airports and Seaports, Electrical grids, Gas and Oil, Water distribution, Railroads and Military structures are one of the major high-risk assets that need to be secured by the best of breath technologies – thermal cameras, sensor cables, radars, ground sensors, video-analytics, etc. Telelink delivers design services, implementation and integration of all the technologies to secure the high-risk areas.


Integrated Border Security Systems

National Borders become one of the most difficult areas to protect and handle properly. Migrants are increasing. Together with the migrants could be incorporated other malicious activities like smuggling and illegal traffic of people. The harsh environment together with the remote locations of the areas makes the task for securing the borders even more complicated. Key success factor is the proper infrastructure and communications. Proper technical means as well as operational procedures will further improve the performance of the border guards.
Telelink provides fully integrated approach to securing national borders. Starting from the workflow and human resources analysis getting to the field implementation and on-site installation. Technical design with various cutting edge technologies and robust infrastructure is a must for successful project.

Data Centers

Big data. Cloud computing and cloud storage. Computing on demand. Applications as a service. All those are related to centralization of IT resources. Centralized computing, centralized storage, and reliable communications. The infrastructure behind centralized information resources is the datacenter.
Datacenters become more and more important in todays’ modern environment. Everyone is somehow served by an application running in a data center – mobile phone billing system, TV-streaming service, web-site serving and e-mail, etc. Without datacenter infrastructure, where all the hardware and software resides, all those services could not be delivered.
Extremely high security and reliability requirements are always a challenge. Infrastructure is stretched and all the components optimized to gain the maximum of the technologies.
Telelink designs and implements turn-key data center projects including all the civil works, E&M and communications systems, as well as external power supply, emergency power supply, and security.

Smart Buildings

Buildings become more and more a major factor in term of energy consumption. Buildings consume 37% of the overall European energy consumption. Industrial facilities add 7% more, making it 44% total. This is a significant number.
Energy efficiency, comfort, and flexibility are the new key success factors for a modern office/commercial/industrial building. More and more tenants are looking for certified energy efficient space. Low voltage systems are here to help achieve those goals. Building automation is making the building smart and efficient. Security systems makes it secure while communications infrastructure makes it flexible. All those are provided by Telelink together with a common integration platform.