Integrated Border Security

Integrated Border Security

National Borders become one of the most difficult areas to protect and handle properly. Migrants are increasing. Together with the migrants could be incorporated other malicious activities like smuggling and illegal traffic of people. The harsh environment together with the remote locations of the areas makes the task for securing the borders even more complicated. Key success factor is the proper infrastructure and communications. Proper technical means as well as operational procedures will further improve the performance of the border guards.
Telelink provides fully integrated approach to securing national borders. Starting from the workflow and human resources analysis getting to the field implementation and on-site installation. Technical design with various cutting edge technologies and robust infrastructure is a must for successful project.


Stationary Surveillance Posts

  • Towers
  • Operator cabin
  • Power supply
  • Multi-Sensor consisted of day/night and infrared cameras with high-speed gyro-stabilize PTZ system and laser rangefinder. Cooled thermal sensor for excellent long-range image and contrast up to 15km detection of human and 18km for vehicles
  • Ground Radars with detection range up to 20 km
  • Slew to Cue capabilities
  • Communications

Perimeter/Border security

  • Thermal/day night surveillance
  • Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)
  • Power supply
  • Communications

Mobile Units

  • Thermal surveillance
  • Radars
  • Local mobile unit security systems
  • Control centers


  • Microware
  • Fiber
  • Tetra
  • WiMAX

Command and Control Center

  • Video-wall
  • Communications
  • Data Center and Communication room
  • Video/Voice
  • Integration platform