Smart traffic lights manage the traffic in Plovdiv

Smart traffic lights manage the traffic in Plovdiv
25 August 2015

Fifty of the busiest intersections in Plovdiv are managed by smart system that gives priority to 285 public transport vehicles.
The project includes replacement of all traffic lights and underground infrastructure, video surveillance, and integration of traffic detectors that measure traffic intensity. The new system costs around 2.7 million euro and the prime contractor is Telelink. The complete system is part of the project Modernization and development of sustainable urban transport totalling more than 22 million euro which is funded by the OP Regional Development 2007-2013.
The transport project of Plovdiv started back in 2012. In addition to smart traffic lights, it includes a GPS system for public transport control, e-tickets and electronic information boards, as well as construction of 48 km bike lanes.


Source: Capital

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