Telelink constructed an Integrated Video Surveillance System in Sevlievo Municipality

Telelink constructed an Integrated Video Surveillance System in Sevlievo Municipality
2 June 2015

Telelink has successfully completed a project for constructing an Integrated Surveillance System for the municipality of Sevlievo. The project included a construction of an early fire detection tower at village of Krusevo part of Sevlievo Municipality. The project was funded by the RDP 2007-2013 financed by the European Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

In the construction of the system we used some of the most innovative technologies in the field of systems for early detection of forest fires. Detection and monitoring of fires is done via optron thermal imaging camera that is able to monitor changes in temperature of 0.05 degrees. For validating the fire alarm the thermal imager is combined with a high-zoom visual camera for detailed monitoring of the events occurred. The system consists of a control center and an Automatic Observation Station (AOS). AOS acts independently and has its own licensed software. It continuously analyzes its 360 degree observation area for up to four minutes. The system is able to detect small fires with a minimum coefficient of error. Once detected the fire alarm is sent to the control center, with fire's precise coordinates, characteristics, videos, and photos. With this information and and the opportunity to manually control the cameras, the dispatcher can verify whether the alarm is real and to act on it accordingly.

While the fire is being extinguished, the system allows to track the coordinates of the fire along with many other characteristics in real time, while in the same time visually monitor the firefighters from the different firefighting units.
The system provides the opportunity to protect the human population in the area and the animal species as well, protecting the biodiversity as a whole. In the future the system may be even used for observations of population dynamics of protected species of birds and animals.

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