Road Infrastructure Agency

The project completed for the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency included the delivery and installation of specialized equipment for the construction and operation of a system for automated collection of traffic data - 120 ATRs (Automatic Traffic Recorder) with operating and analyzing software covering 2nd and 3rd class roads were deployed. We designed, constructed, installed and commissioned an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), along with training RIA's employees for operating the systems. On top of that we provided a subsequent 3-year support and maintenance for all system components.
The implemented system for monitoring, recording (counting), and analysis of the traffic consists of a central server with its own database and specialized software for reporting, along with a communication network and automatic traffic recording devices located at the counting (recording) points. The ATRs are integrated in a high-tech solution combining counter-classificators for the passing vehicles and cameras for optical plate recognition. The system is designed for the ATRs to count (record), identify, classify, and register the speed of each vehicle at the traffic recording (counting) point and store the information in the database. The identification is performed by recognition of the registration numbers of the vehicles passed (both native plates and foreign ones) by identifying the exact time and point of recording. Through identification of the vehicle, the system has the ability to monitor and classify the traffic by its origin, purpose, direction, and passing time.

With the project completion, we have performed all the initially set requirements at a 100%. Also, all the tasks were performed with the RIA's business specifics in mind. The project activities were carried out by qualified certified engineers, providing high-quality and in time project delivery in compliance with all technical requirements and with limited access to classified information. The technical solution was consistent with all international best practices and our experience in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).